About Our Service

We have more than 40 years experience in heavy transport recovery from as far afield as Perth, Port Hedland, Northern Territory and the eastern states.

Our reputable and reliable contact network of contractors across Australia, includes heavy haulage tow trucks, cranes, drop deck trailers. If a recovery requires the use of front end loaders or bob cats, these are often supplied and operated by knowledgeable locals.

By utilising operators closest to the scene, we save many hours of waiting for recovery vehicles to arrive. Our priority to is to co-ordinate the recovery by telephone and seek to keep attendance costs to a minimum. However, in some cases we dispatch our Accident Response Vehicle.

Owners are kept informed at every step, and are welcome to nominate their preferred contractors. In some cases owners can be involved in the recovery of their own vehicle. For example by transporting the damaged unit on their own drop deck. Where applicable we will pay your fees, and include the amount in the insurance claim on your behalf. We can assist with driver comfort, load recovery and scene clean up (often needed when all other services have left the scene).

We have built a good relationship with many insurance companies, and are often contacted to provide recovery assistance. In most cases we manage all of the contractor invoices, and invoice the insurance company on behalf of the owner, this includes a full recovery report and where possible images are supplied.